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Table 4 Collective trapezoid fuzzy linguistic decision matrix R (for TFLPWA operator)

From: Trapezoid fuzzy linguistic prioritized weighted average operators and their application to multiple attribute group decision-making

  G 1 G 2 G 3 G 4
X 1 [s2.56, s3.83, s5.41, s6.41] [s2.86, s3.86, s5.86, s6.86] [s3.76, s4.76, s5.76, s7.24] [s3.29, s4.29, s5.29, s7.00]
X 2 [s3.10, s4.61, s5.90, s6.90] [s3.29, s4.29, s5.29, s6.39] [s4.00, s5.20, s7.13, s8.13] [s3.17, s4.33, s6.00, s7.00]
X 3 [s3.58, s5.06, s6.55, s7.91] [s3.36, s4.68, s5.68, s7.00] [s3.48, s4.87, s6.01, s7.01] [s3.11, s4.11, s5.11, s6.11]
X 4 [s4.26, s5.53, s6.79, s8.21] [s3.28, s5.20, s6.38, s7.38] [s2.80, s4.36, s5.36, s6.36] [s3.82, s4.82, s6.19, s7.19]
X 5 [s2.29, s3.71, s5.00, s6.29] [s1.54, s2.64, s4.30, s6.20] [s2.97, s4.52, s5.52, s6.52] [s3.73, s4.29, s5.80, s7.31]