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Table 2 Different types of uncertain variables with different meanings for grading

From: Determination of Target Values of Engineering Characteristics in QFD Using Uncertain Programming

Type Uncertain variables W R P
I Φ(x)=x 1/9 extremely unimportant extremely weak strong negative
II Φ(x)=x 1/6 very unimportant very weak very negative
III Φ(x)=x 1/4 quite unimportant quite weak quite negative
IV Φ(x)=x 1/2 some important weak weak negative
V Φ(x)=x moderately important medium medium
VI Φ(x)=x 2 important strong weak positive
VII Φ(x)=x 4 quite important quite strong quite positive
VIII Φ(x)=x 6 very important very strong very positive
IX Φ(x)=x 9 extremely important extremely strong strong positive