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Table 1 Parameters used to determine the storage temperature in San Diego, CA, USA

From: Transient Uncertainty Analysis in Solar Thermal System Modeling

Parameter Nominal value Estimated uncertainty
Local longitude (L local) 117.16 (deg) 0
Location latitude (ϕ) 32.733 (deg) 10%
Longitude of the standard meridian for the time zone (L st) 120 (deg) 0
Collector area (A c) 5 (m2) 1%
Heat removal factor times the transmittance-absorptance product (F Rτα) 0.753 2%
Heat removal factor times the collector loss coefficient (F R U c) 3.79 2%
Reflectivity of the ground (ρ g) 0.2 0.1
Collector slope (β) 32.733 (deg)
Collector azimuth angle (γ) 0 (deg)
Loss coefficient for storage tank (UAst) 1.7 1%
Ambient temperature (T amb) 25 ( °C) 1 °C
Specific heat of water (c p) 4.1813 (kJ/kg K) 0
Density of water (ρ) 974 (kg/m3) 0.1
Storage tank volume (V) 0.19 (m3) 0